I will not break I will not fold, the heaviest stories are the ones untold


Black lights

In darkness we stood where fear is involuntary, suppressed through sidewalks.

Where faces cannot taste trouble,only bitterness from temporary delicacies.Praise from temporary plateaus.

In Moonlight we leak defcenies we buried under paradise,consumed by its shadows.

Reducing everything to fragments

filtered through broken bodies We idol.

Saving self

When you create an end to the breaking point….

Everything that’s broken will eventually become healed in time.

I flashed childhood off the silhouettes in the bedroom my mother let me sleep in.

Hanging sideways off edge. Sharing space with a toddler and pregnant wife.

I cried tears inside, but grit my teeth to prevent them from pouring out into oceans from pint up bitterness.

I almost hated me, tearing to the last fabric of self confidence until nothing.
Thin air carrying every mistake past the moonlight.

Note: This was written on the spot with little to know proofreading. I honestly just had to allow these emotions to pour out of me. I hope at least one person will be inspired.