I went to bed curled up in emotions, tearing through my spiritual armor,

beating my brain to resistance. But still couldn’t resist the images my

eyes rolled across the darkness. We fear submission and resistance,

squinting in the blue hue of the room where I learned of my frailty.

falling limp in the street, curses over dead bodies and mourners

Tear through any moral fabric we were stitched in.

Can a child of God overcome when

complexion places its foot on our neck forcing us to recognize

the various colors of dirt we were born into?


60 Seconds

Roses rolled up in closed fists
Fitting for another quiet dinner,
The menu for apologies.
Torn patterns of remorse.

We both remember what we fought for
We both remember times when
War made sense.
Tonight we watch tears fall in vain.

We’ve come to a place unfamiliar
To both of us,
All the while spectators boast
About how far we’ve come.