Distorted views of paradise


Some poetry, some prose, and some photos. Some of these pictures were taken more than a year ago, but still had hold the same meaning. Everything presented here is meant to tell a story. Read/look and enjoy.


Alternative inspiration 

Traveling gives way to inspiration, new things introduce new ways of thinking. Even the small  getaways can open your eyes to something new, we all need to step down from the zone of comfort and see something outside of our day to day lives. As an artist, whether you are a painter, writer, photographer, or anything else you need new inspiration from time to time that requires you to go somewhere you have never been even if it’s as simple as exploring a new area  in your city that you have never visited.

-Forever is really tomorrow- 

Forever- The beginning

Slowly learning that nostalgia isn’t such a bad thing, remembering the past and their precious moments is okay.  On nights the mind may wander back to those moments for comfort. The past is a constant reminder of what progress, of change within the mind and the heart. The key is to use these memories as inspiration and teaching tools to be a better person today. Do not become locked in nostalgia but let it teach you.

These are just a couple of notes I’ve been jotting down for inspiration. Some time this year or at least the beginning of next year I plan to publish my first full length book of poetry dealing with the idea of the past and how much power it holds over the present. I am also working on a chapbook so this will all serve as inspiration.