God speed

My God and my pen

Penetrate depths of life that

Seem unbearable.



The devils a liar, I feel him breathing

Never stopping ,no matter the seasons.

No rest on earth, no faith in clouds

No break for sleep we’re wanderers in the wild.

Set up as prey, pride in falling

The shadows feel heavier, eternity is calling.

Sliding Anchors


Do I write to pave away
Or do I write to escape,
Often I ponder this
question before  sleep
And after I wake.

Calm on the surface
Wondering this earth to find purpose,
But I was told to trust the Father,
Still I spend my nights worrying about tomorrow.

Will I survive
Will aspirations manifest
Or will I slave at a 9-5.
Despite my current I admit I’m still blessed.

What our society lacks is vision
Sight distorted by money
Where passion and purpose are missing.

Live a life you can be proud of
Take risks and do what you love,
Whether that be teaching, preaching,
Or simply reaching others through  gifts.

When my backslides turn into landslides
When I’m overtaken by the tides of sin,
I break, I bend But still
Mended by his hands and made whole again.


I believe that it is possible to have God and your life but not fully acknowledge him or his will. This creates a division between you and the creator, and this results in a lack of peace and understanding and also distorts your vision. In this case a void will begin to develop within you that no person or thing can feel. Many individuals in this situation seek temporary relief in a number of things including success, money, jobs, material gain and other distra. While there is nothing wrong with these things in general the dependency on them leads to disappointment.

We know that the word teaches that God will never leave or forsake us( Deuteronomy 31:6). We should also know that while God will always be there for us we have to make it our responsibility to keep our relationship with him in tact. We can’t take God for granted and still expect to reap all of his blessings.