Our crowns blended with the pavement, our angels watched with patience.
We practiced religion we knew nothing of and clung to it like childhood.
Unaware of the potential for twisted metal to jerk us back to that innocent place 
before being sifted through waves, tossed with the thorns, and left to examine our self made crowns.


No Heroes

Picking up the pieces may unravel your weakness,

Stoping to watch, to care, to walk in empathy just may be a sin in society

Step towards success,

Standing on broken necks,

Breaking ties is acceptable if it produces accolades.

Turn faces away from the down and out

Never let that smile crack through,

Reaching down is looked down upon.

Self sacrifice never sufficed In the city where

Fighting alone has become fighting for nothing.

Standing in the way of everything,

Where the eyes meet the blood

And the ears become deaf to testimonies.

What lies in the bossom of brotherly love?

Not enough to 180 back around the neighborhood to speak life to death.

Not enough to take off a mask,

Masked with envy all around you.

Helping hands result in cold sweats,

The biggest fear of all, because we only reach out steal another man’s dream.

Men who aspire be the walking nightmare we all fear.

Taking aim, lacing the intertwined streets with stray bullets

Labeled with a thousand unwritten names.

Taking out time to pray

That our prey will move slower,

Become easier to catch

Because it’s easier to watch one die than to save.

Wash the blood off and hide our hands,

Sit back and sip from the bottle of life,

Watching loved ones fall to the bottomless pit.

Define hero, most can’t because they’ve never seen one,

Sure we’ve seen a few attempts,

And those efforts came, went,

Their words were riddled with ridicule,

Stripped of their purpose.

These individuals were walked upon.

Left alone, meanings burried underneath
A shallow surface.

Even those who lend a hand

May be pulled down, and trodden upon.

As they walk, you can make out faces on the souls of their feet.

Aid if you will but

Be watchful for stray bullets,

Be prepared for lost souls that shoot at will.

Watching every step, every action

At any stop the hero may become the victim,

A victory in itself.