Correction to these
Flaws carry weight crushing any 
Childlike confidence.


They aren’t so beautiful anymore


I see just over these walls

Enough to fret over invisible enemies,

Wavering over these waves of suppression.

Self inflicted, self taught seeing in

A mirror that doesn’t work quite right-

But too broken to fix it

Too many pieces to piece together

So I live with these weights.

Too numb to open the blinds to

See what this sunrise might shine on.

Freeing thoughts

Make best out of my next
Perplexed, and pinning my fault
To my memory board.

Counting loses, jaded by past wins
Weighed down by repetitive sins
Seeping through clean garments.

Sure perfection was never a choice,
Yet I push towards it in fear of falling
To catch, to admit my downs

Seem to be more frequent on the way up.

Writing everything away : Where are you now?


I believe that a weight is lifted off your shoulder once you come to the realization and admit that you are not happy with your current situation. After this you must plan and execute a way to get to where you want to be. I pray that everyone is having a great and productive week.

Never stop reaching.