Distorted views of paradise


Some poetry, some prose, and some photos. Some of these pictures were taken more than a year ago, but still had hold the same meaning. Everything presented here is meant to tell a story. Read/look and enjoy.


Saving self

When you create an end to the breaking point….

Everything that’s broken will eventually become healed in time.

I flashed childhood off the silhouettes in the bedroom my mother let me sleep in.

Hanging sideways off edge. Sharing space with a toddler and pregnant wife.

I cried tears inside, but grit my teeth to prevent them from pouring out into oceans from pint up bitterness.

I almost hated me, tearing to the last fabric of self confidence until nothing.
Thin air carrying every mistake past the moonlight.

Note: This was written on the spot with little to know proofreading. I honestly just had to allow these emotions to pour out of me. I hope at least one person will be inspired. 

Peace and positivity prosper


I’ve taken a short hiatus from posting anything on here, I’ve still been writing for my chapbook though. At this point I’m just trying to gather my thoughts and work on maintaining a positive mindset at all times. Life can get to me and sometimes I feel myself crumbling over the pressure. The pressure being the best  writer I can be in hopes of one day making that my career, the pressure of not being where I want to in life, the pressure of constantly comparing myself to classmates I graduated with 10 years ago. Writing is more than a hobby for me, it’s an outlet for everything I keep inside. As I continue to work on having a positive outlook I hope and pray that everyone reading this will continue to do the same. More writing and poetry coming soon. Everyone have a blessed weekend.

Staying positive- The mindset


Sometimes staying positive takes more effort than we may think, it’s something we actually have to put effort into it. I have learned this over the past few years. I can honestly say I’m not where I think I need to be in my life right now, I spend too much time worrying about my accomplishments compared to others around me. This can be a heavy weight to carry around at times, but God, my family, writing, and music are a couple of things that keep me stable and give me that extra push. I really felt like sharing this because it has been on my mental and I just needed to get it out in the open.

Thanks for listening.

While the world is sleep


I stay up late at night thinking about everything under the sun. Life and death, the condition of my soul, God, success, my failures, my strength and weaknesses, many of my mistakes from the past, my passions, dreams, money, my purpose on earth and almost anything you can think of. Sometimes this can be a burden, but nonetheless all of these aspects make me who I am and I draw inspiration from every aspect to write. I use writing as a way to cope with the day to day concerns and questions that I have.