Views from ATL

Sights and scenic routes… the city we love.


What do you have to offer?


-When dreams die the ones that really matter are given life- Distorted views from the 27th floor.

A tease, a tale of two cities situated at opposite ends of a spectrum? Expectations often fall flat, but still I have high hopes for you and your potential. See I see success within your walls and hope in your city lights unlike any other. Openings of opportunity linger in my daydreams, is this all that was expected? Don’t let me fall from this high up, show me what you have to offer. Show me your promising landscapes to help me escape this scenery that surrounds me day in and day out. I know your potential, I see no flaws within you; perfectly configured to define me. Outlined in skyscrapers deeply rooted in the eyes of those who sale lies to buyers who fall by the wayside. Resting under blue skies, ready for your promises to prove to be true. This city seems a bit surreal but you can still find me on the highways and byways searching for something to make my stay worth it.