So we

Society’s edge

We fret, we run to signs of

Greatness despite flaws.


Alternative inspiration 

Traveling gives way to inspiration, new things introduce new ways of thinking. Even the small  getaways can open your eyes to something new, we all need to step down from the zone of comfort and see something outside of our day to day lives. As an artist, whether you are a painter, writer, photographer, or anything else you need new inspiration from time to time that requires you to go somewhere you have never been even if it’s as simple as exploring a new area  in your city that you have never visited.

-Forever is really tomorrow- 

Sliding Anchors


Do I write to pave away
Or do I write to escape,
Often I ponder this
question before  sleep
And after I wake.

Calm on the surface
Wondering this earth to find purpose,
But I was told to trust the Father,
Still I spend my nights worrying about tomorrow.

Will I survive
Will aspirations manifest
Or will I slave at a 9-5.
Despite my current I admit I’m still blessed.

What our society lacks is vision
Sight distorted by money
Where passion and purpose are missing.

Live a life you can be proud of
Take risks and do what you love,
Whether that be teaching, preaching,
Or simply reaching others through  gifts.

When my backslides turn into landslides
When I’m overtaken by the tides of sin,
I break, I bend But still
Mended by his hands and made whole again.