Distorted views of paradise


Some poetry, some prose, and some photos. Some of these pictures were taken more than a year ago, but still had hold the same meaning. Everything presented here is meant to tell a story. Read/look and enjoy.


Black lights

In darkness we stood where fear is involuntary, suppressed through sidewalks.

Where faces cannot taste trouble,only bitterness from temporary delicacies.Praise from temporary plateaus.

In Moonlight we leak defcenies we buried under paradise,consumed by its shadows.

Reducing everything to fragments

filtered through broken bodies We idol.

These things will break

These things shall be shaken that we cling to. Only eternal which for am moment seems forever out of reach will rise to stay. We can’t stay forever, souls will push through, prevail despite the common efforts of men that fall as dust.

We are made through adversity, the tearing of old layers to form new . The maker does not pull us away from fire, but rather pushes us through it weakness and insecurities are purged as nothing.