Summer 2011

As humans we generally fear any type of challenge or adversity, we reside in the comforts of what we know and what seems easy to us. During the summer of 2011 I was enrolled in summer classes at VSU, working a part job and doing my internship that was required of me for my major. I would like to mention that this was also during a period where I did not have a car. I would generally wake up about 6 AM usually after 2 hours of sleep, assuming that I went to sleep that night and begin walking to my internship about 6:45 AM to get there by 8. This was usually after a night of studying until 4 AM Or so.
I did not say all of this to boast about my hardships or what I have accomplished. I am stating this to show that despite what we may deem as impossible can easily be conquered through prayer and perseverance. At the beginning of the summer all I could see were obstacles ahead of me, my internship was as a life skills teacher and it required me to make lesson plans each week around subjects dealing with Careers, leadership, communication, education, and other tools for young teenagers. I really couldn’t fathom the thought of creating a lesson plan and teaching in front of a group of upcoming high school students. Despite my fears I was able to conquer this task one lesson plan at a time and as the summer progressed I got more comfortable teaching the subject matter and creating lesson plans that engaged these young students. 

While I may have been physically and mentally drained I continued to do well in my summer classes, work my part time job, and excel in my internship all while getting 2 hours of sleep to no sleep at all. It is truly amazing what we can conquer if we take things one day at a time. I believe that the reason some people fail at certain things is that they don’t believe they can do them, Instead of creating a strategy to deal with adversity they look at the task ahead and decide that the work is too hard for them to put in. In other words some of us are just to lazy to take the steps to succeed.
Fast forward almost 6 years later and I find myself somewhat discouraged with where I am in life at the moment. As I currently work a job I’m not passionate about I see the hard work I put in college wasting away, I see the drive and tenacity I used through the difficult times in school fleeing from me. I often reflect on the summer of 2011 and how I developed the will power and resilience that I carried throughout college. The last couple of years in the work world have been mentally draining and I will admit that I have seen my determination for success fade a bit do to being burned out.
Recently I’ve gone back to that summer, and really to my college career and ponder upon the attitude I had about life and how I got to that point. I’ve come to the conclusion that I must adapt this same mindset or remain stagnant. Prayer and perseverance…


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