Peace and positivity prosper


I’ve taken a short hiatus from posting anything on here, I’ve still been writing for my chapbook though. At this point I’m just trying to gather my thoughts and work on maintaining a positive mindset at all times. Life can get to me and sometimes I feel myself crumbling over the pressure. The pressure being the best  writer I can be in hopes of one day making that my career, the pressure of not being where I want to in life, the pressure of constantly comparing myself to classmates I graduated with 10 years ago. Writing is more than a hobby for me, it’s an outlet for everything I keep inside. As I continue to work on having a positive outlook I hope and pray that everyone reading this will continue to do the same. More writing and poetry coming soon. Everyone have a blessed weekend.


2 thoughts on “Peace and positivity prosper

  1. Stay positive my brotha, everything you want and need is ready for you to grasp. Keep grinding and working and it will come to pass! I’m trying to stay focused on doing more with my writing too. Your work is awesome! Kee it up

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