To our visions


To our visions


9 thoughts on “To our visions

      • You’re welcome to visit any time. Although I’ve done Christian blogs in the past, this one is not marked as such–however when I bump into another Believer, I happily identify my true self as belonging to the Lord, without Whom, I’d be totally sunk. Life’s a struggle, and HIS way is the best and only way for me. Wishing you a blessed weekend 🙂

      • Indeed–and this week’s message by Pastor Robert Morris at Gateway Church (Southlake, TX) focused on how our power to do that is with and in The Holy Spirit. I’m revved up! God bless you.

      • God bless you as well my friend! You know, while in high school I maintained a strong relationship with God, but while in college began to lose sight of his grace. I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m striving everyday. Furthermore my negative experiences have inspired some of my writings, and that is just a testament to how God will allow mistakes turn into positive situations. Romans 8:28

      • I can relate to what you say, as I was 59 before I caught the revelation of all Jesus is, does, and wants for us to have–that abundant life of power through the Holy Spirit. Saved since age 13, I wasn’t raised in a Christian home–rather it was controlling/angry/abusive. So I believe He has fast-tracked me these last 5 years, catching me up to speed in His Word–and developing a beautifully intimate relationship with Him. Once God puts His hand on us, it’s a done deal–no matter how far off the path we wander, or how often. We’re sheep, after all, and He knows that–He’s the good Shepherd. I doubt anyone walks a perfectly straight and narrow road, if they’re honest. Though I rebelled later than most folks, He definitely saved His best for my silver years. Grace is the number one thing to keep in mind–it’s what covers us each time we err; and with God’s mercies new each morning, He just comes and scoops us back into His arms of unfailing LOVE. Romans 8:28 is a precious, precious promise from Him. God bless and favor you richly today, Brother. You’re in His good Strong hands.

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