Clouded clarity


Is it money, notoriety , success?  So many of us believe these things to be the key to contentment, yet we’ve seen countless examples of those who gain these things only to become more frustrated. They are left in an end search for something far out of their reach. The things that seemed to matter the most begin to shatter as our mirror gains more clarity. The views from here may still be a bit distorted, but as each cloud disappears we can see a little more clarity. As I get older I cherish life more but I also become more aware of the deceptive world we live in. It’s easy to get the difference between what really matters and what holds little importance distorted.

life is nothing more than a series of moments that build anticipation for the next moment. Or is this what we have been falsely believing? To race through each moment without truly appreciating it is a tragedy, yet many of us have succomed to this way of living. We spend our whole life looking back because we were in a hurry to get to the present, which ironically at times isn’t what we expected it to be. 


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