Midnight trains to Ohio


Midnight dreaming of a place

in the Midwest where the

where trouble and the complexity of life would rest in,

summer nights that serenaded a

young adolescent with permanent nostalgia.

I still see the reflection from the tv

painting the walls with a light blue.

Prayers paved in such a way that

even my young mind began to see

traits of God traced throughout this second home.

Sunday living rooms filled with dialogue

which I digested, and this planted seeds

inside that still reside.

Self confidence, a relationship with God

that I would never hide.

Summer vacation packed in the back seat

in route to vacation Bible school

where tools were sharpened that

would later give me the edge over this sharp world.

Nighty prayers at the edge of the bed

humbled hearts and bowed heads;

headed in the direction of this calling.

Though life’s earthquakes became

more violent with each step.

For the first time I developed the fear of falling,

fearful of forgetting these important lessons;

none more important than how to be Christ like,

these midnight trains to Ohio were surely a blessing.


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