Imperfect portraits


If these ties should break
And these world’s begin to shake
I’m confident you would never forsake
The things we so often take. …
For granted.

In transition these strings losen
we miss the smallest moments that
seem monumental and in a moment
we feel we face the world alone.

Along broken paths we help mend, wounds, scars, and internal cuts.
We help move rocks, boulders, and mountains.

Over years fingers begin to slip,
we might lose our grip.

Will hearts give out forcing premature split? Years can pass between bitter feelings and
prideful hearts that rest in their feelings
until these portraits are painted over in regret.

Even if we defaced these pictures
we would be the first to find methods
to restore and protect any harm from
the outside.

These portraits are imperfect, but we display them on our walls with pride.


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