Green waves


In between sun rays, swaying in between the waves and the shore, unsure of what we should really reach for; not quite confident if there’s anything more. .   Calmed by the warm feeling of the waters, watching life escape in the tides while I weigh my importance with my portion in my pockets. These restless waves pass with time while we wait, although waiting isn’t enough to change these tides that rise in the morning so we drown daily while diving into the bottomless ocean. Searching for acceptance in the sea that only seems to sever ties with the intrinsic; inner conflict being connected to temporary security of society. Despite this we allow the waves to hypnotize us as we go back and forth, never finding that peace which leaks through these pores that produce malnourished souls while trying to escape becoming poor. Poor decisions or wise motives, molding us to chase these waves and believe they will wash away our pain.


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