Paper prisms


-Sometimes we reach our “destination ” only to find out that it wasn’t what you expected- Distorted views from the 27th floor

Are we really just trapped in

windows that depict freedom

That give way to assembly lines

that assemble minds?

If so I promise to never allow them to

assemble mine-

except for the first and 15th.

The box in which we mime searching for

scraps, pennies and dimes.

We can see the sunlight through this

glass ceiling we hate but the 1st and

15th seem so appealing.

I too fall slave to the man made

machine which pumps out green

so we  focus on this and nothing in


Remember thinking that a salary from

work would determine my worth;

now I understand  what my cousin meant when he told me “work is work”.

Without purpose we earn more, but remain poor under the surface

due to the lack of an intrinsic foundation;

out of seven days we only find freedom on two.


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