Soul lights


Soul lights:

I believe that life consists of many different lights that the soul walks in. Each day we make a choice as to what light we want to walk in.

Red lights: Envy, hate, bitterness. Those who walk in this light are driven by impulse.

Blue lights: Sorrow and pain- self hatred, self inflicted wounds. Hopelessness

Green lights: Greed, the love for money drives this particular soul. These souls lack any real purpose other than material gain.

Clear white lights: These souls are Godly, have a sense of clarity and peace of mind, and a clear sense of what path to take. They also strive for what is righteous in the eyes of God. This does not mean that they are perfect, but they use everyday as an opportunity to improve themselves.

The lit path is a complicated one with many lights that lead to different places. We have all been under all of these lights at one point in our life, but the key to keeping the mind, body, soul,  and spirit in synch is to be guided by the clear lights that the creator provides. Be aware of what light you allow to be king over your soul.


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