Writing everything away : Forever is tomorrow

Whatever passion you discover in life, be sure that you pursue it with 100%. The system we live in isn’t designed for creative thinkers who live outside of this box, so it will always be easier to fall in line with the rest of society and conform to a “easy” lifestyle. While it may be easy, it kills what our purpose, anyone can do something in life just to pay bills, but it takes courage to do what you love. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be a 9-5 because there are plenty of 9-5 jobs that hold a strong intrinsic value. So if you love teaching then teach, if you love caring for others go into the medical field. If you have a passion outside of a regular 9-5 such as writing, cooking, fitness, photography, starting your own business, or whatever else you desire then do that. Just be sure that what you do is something you love, tell yourself that despite the obstacles you will reach your goals in life. You will have to hold jobs you may not enjoy while you’re on your journey, but this is a part of the process, let the hope of tomorrow push you. Remember this, the only two people who can stop you are God and yourself.

-Forever is really tomorrow-


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