Artists who care about their craft


Back in 2004 I remember giving up on rap all together, I had grown tired of the recycled themes of misogyny, drug use, violence, etc. During my freshman year at VSU I recall one of my good friends playing “Food and Liquor”. As the lyrics played from the speakers I noticed something different, something I had not heard in a while. These lyrics contained substance, they spoke on issues surrounding our community while painting vivid pictures of hope. Even the structure of the album was well thought out from beginning to end; something that is still rare within the music industry. After digesting the content I later decided to purchase a rap album for the first time in three years. I credit this album for reviving my passion for hip hop, it provided evidence that there were and still are artists who take pride in their craft.
Favorite tracks: “Just might be ok”, “Kick Push”, “The Instrumental”, “He say, She say”.


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