Black silhouettes: After the night has passed

Hate, I have to admit I feel numb to it

But can’t help but think we too will soon succumb to it.

Prayers provide strength in weak moments.

Moments when shades from the moon

Light the shadows, leaving room for those hoping,

Hoping to see a neutral color

In between lines of protests

For justice and equality.

Tears drawn down for young men

Slain on cold streets,

In the night we can imagine what

These men would testify, if only they could still breath, but

When you hear one of your own ask If God loves us it’s hard not to get choked up.

Although this question I’ll never ask

We still feel as if we carry the burdens of the past.

Not to omit the fact that we face the barrel at the hands of our own,

Still this can never justify the hate

Of one for his or her skin tone.

Tears of pain

Saddened, tired, drained

Some even resort to washing away their beauty,

What they see as washing away their pain

Ignorant to the fact that this is our beauty, our strength.

We won’t be the siloute forever

Eventually the shadows will come out

The corner, lighting candles to burn

As symbols of peace while

Piecing together the shattered lines waiting for human lives, not black and white.


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