“Work is work”

About two years ago after I graduated from college, I found myself working a minimum wage job searching for something better. Around this same time I can recall mentioning my struggles to my cousin, and he replied with “work is work”. When I first heard the comment I thought to myself “this is true for him because he has a “real” job. You know, a job in corporate America that pays well, while providing stability. Fast forward two years later, I now have a much better job than I did before that pays very well. It also provides me with great benefits.

The ironic thing is that after working at my current job for a year and a half I can say that I enjoy my job, but I want more. It does not provide me with the sense of intrinsic value I imagined that it would. I am not ungrateful for my job, but rather I believe there is something greater to accomplish. What my cousin was actually saying was that unless you do something that you love, and are passionate about it will all feel the same. Every job will feel like “work” I’d you don’t love what you’re doing; of course we all have to work jobs that we are not passionate about throughout life.

The main goal is to take steps towards our dreams while we are working the 9-5. Everyone have a blessed and productive weekend, and be that person who isn’t afraid to step outside the box to achieve something greater than the norm.


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