Free song


My mind will freely release rhythms

Of inspiration minus any confusion,

Usually used to daily mountains

That endangered my peace of mind but

This is the piece of my mind

Where freedom takes place;

Running circles around late nights

Illuminated by street lights

That reflect a type of nostalgia

Only brought to life through pools of black ink.

Just thinking of the hands placed

Over this table where I digest food for thought alone,

A single hand that switches from canvas to canvas with

Waters cascading over and over until

Ink drains and fills up this ocean again.

Who Is Watching?

Who is listening?

Fatalities arise while living on the edge of success,

And Bible passages become guidelines to save one who vows not to transgress.

Few understand the writing on my wall,

Even fewer feel the vibrations of these words.

Still I can hear the audience in the background shouting

Vibe on, vibe on!


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