Walking with the windows rolled down

Drifting off into a sea of thought

Replaying the placement of my life

Looking at a vision blurred.

26 and on the brink of being broke

Looking loved ones in the face

To tell them I don’t have it.

On these words I choke.

What if my life ends in mediocrity

Or what if I settle with a life

I’m content with, but not truly happy with.

I know I have the ambition

It’s the confidence I lack.

Bundles of doubt that I carry

With me in a metaphorical back pack.

Back pain from all the burdens I carry,

Flashbacks of lies that I tied around my neck;

Drowning me in the depths of regrets

Which linger around my ceiling

To view as I lay in my bed of lies.

To the outside my inside seems

Well constructed,

My heart seems without flaw,

Only if they could see my image

I see in this broken mirror.

God, and the ink pen I push

Pass pit falls to pursue dreams with

The two pieces of peace

That make dreary nights clearer.

Prayers seem few

As I slip further away from my view.

Outside of my windows I can see

Carefree souls do dances in the rain

As if they can’t feel it.

Now I wonder where my resilience

Ran off to in this storm.

The roads are flooded with obstacles;

Still the path lays ahead of me

Waiting for my soul to jump on board.

Waiting for my eyes to blind

The bondage of a tainted world;

I’ve found just a small ounce of hope

To cling to

Just enough to see tomorrow

Through the window’s tint.


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