Ink within

Either embrace me or erase me
Walk beside me or race me
To fields of doubt.
I never doubt that I’ll make you believe
Before I leave I’ll give you a piece
You choose if you want to receive
I spent 26 years searching for my place
26 years in the mirror unable
To recognize my own face.
Who do I find at fault,
Who is there to blame?
Emotions given at a distance
But I can shed tears on a page
Dried by ink, etching a mission
I’ve seen things fall around me
Yet smiled a lie
To please smiling faces that surround me
You can read through these words
You can take relief in my purge.
I can too, knowing I’ve had the urge
To stop in the middle of my tracks.
Back out and paint my skies in black
A result for what I lacked
Not in spirit but in wealth
I soon realized the higher power
Is where we see our help.
As I lay these words
In the middle of the night
My mind is free
My fingers touch a glimpse of
Clarity, carefully walking
Stairs not made with the hands of man
Walking alone?
I think not, I see the cursive
Written in the sand.


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