Our language

Alone in a dark room
Shielded from the thoughts of slipping,
One lost heart will be caught soon. Between innocent eyes and twisted teeth;soft skin covering the heart of a sick soul. Holy matrimony has become taboo to lost lips; see what fire lies between these hips,swaying in the wind,grinding its workers to death.
Dust becomes matter then in a matter of time when the longest sleep no longer matters while turning dust to

Quick grips with meaningless
Intentions,those tossed to and fro
with winds of change. Change at the dropping of leaves summer, spring, winter, fall they all arrive before his fall.
Heart of the shallow man sending soldiers to go to war with the spirits.
Spinning from one heart to the next.

The casualties will be costly; a cause and effect of the the voices that whisper
With no affection.
Time should be taken to carefully
Read through pages for her price is precious, but we are more into flash fiction. Just good enough to imagine a depiction of love.

A remnant of what others fought for.
A halfway effort to utilize
Assets which assert loyalty
And show true colors of a flag.
Another victory to him.
Another broken path tattered bitter
Feathers of what would be a phoenix.


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