Where is our focus at?

As I grow older and begin to pay more attention to the environment that surrounds me I find it hard to disregard the power of social media. So many of us follow every step of our favorite muscians, athletes, actors, and other celebrities. While this in itself may not be a bad thing, it does cone me that so many people are more concerned with the lives of someone they have never met than their own. Think about this for a moment, everyday many  women give birt to children, millions of people get in trouble with the law, many individuals go out on dates. It is amazing how much attention these events draw when a celebrity is involved in them. Some people will even spend hours each day watching video’s on instagram of their favorite celebrities or reading their tweets; the frightening part is that while doing so they neglect their own journey to success. I believe that each day should be an opportunity for us to get closer to our dreams. It’s hard to do this if we are constantly searching the web for the next video or vine compilation. Again there is nothing wrong with checking in on the celebrity world, but let’s remember not to overdue it. Just remember that the people who spend the day making videos and posting pics of their vacation overseas have already gotten where they want to be in life. They have already put in the time and effort that has allowed them to enjoy the fruit of their labor. We on the other hand should be focused on getting to where we need to be.


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