99 Lexus

A traveling introvert introduced to

This new form of freedom.

Down boulevards of lost memories,

These nights will forever remember me.

Peace between torn leather seats

Pieces of sun rays ran beside me

A bit unsteady yes;

Still uncertainty was drowned out

By the screeching of traffic;

The stop light silence,

Or slicing between lanes during

Late night music sessions.

Summer heat brought cold sweats

While winter months chipped away

At my warm heart.

Still the freedom of the ride

Will outrun any doubt.

Every successful point A to B

Was somewhat of a miracle,

Even the sound of the engine

Played on my ears the tunes of
A blessing.

Empty pockets were erased;

Last dollars forgotten on the boulevard of freedom.

flying through thoughts as

The city lights eased my mind and erased my doubt.

The ride was never perfect,

But provided me with the picture
Of what new roads would be paved.

This piece is in reference to my first car, a 1999 Lexus truck RX 300 that was given to me by my mother.This vehicle had no heat or air conditioning, and a window that wouldn’t stay up(I can’t help but laugh every time I think about that) along with other maintenance issues. Despite all of this it provided me my sense of freedom; just being able to drive around the city and listen to my music became my therapy.
The stress disappeared under the city lights.


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