Green hills

Green pews were laid out as the sermon

And some will even serve both masters,

The tongues lust after another table.

Finding new ups to down

After long sermons of contentment.

See the sermons sound well versed

Until dry leaves fall between the fifteenth and the first.

Amen to unattainable amenities

Prayers to a raise in salary,

A slave mentality just may

Give the sermon;

everything is painted in gold

From the arches to the pulpit

Even ashes glimmer in the sunlight.

Yes, we are where we thought we needed to be.

We have conquered the hill and

reached just beyond our wildest daydreams.

We have danced to melodies of

Shadows while singing a lie,

Never worry

You are covered under the almighty dollar

A blanket to sickness

A cloak to loneliness

A path to peace

Prayers answered.

Who has salvation in the almighty dollar?


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