When will we start protecting our women?

Okay this is a bit of a shift from my normal posts on here but I just have to get this off my chest. For those of you who keep up with the NFL or sports media in general I’m sure you have heard of the recent Ray Rice situation. The one problem I have with this situation, other than the NFL attempting to sweep it under the rug until recently is some of the reactions. Time and time again when women are involved in domestic violence the question often arises as to what role she played. The last time I checked there was never a good reason for a man to hit a women. Even if his fiancee cursed at him or even tried to attack him we have to remember that this is a 206 pound NFL player who could have restrained her with no problem. Instead he chose to deliver a punch to her as if he was in the boxing ring with another man. To add to the insult he then dragged her motionless body across the floor as if she was a trash bag.

The fact that she even went on air to “apologize” for her part in the incident is sickening. The fact that some people are supporting him, and claiming that it’s her fault for being with him is disgusting. This reminds me of the type of victim shaming that takes place when a woman is sexually assaulted and misogynistic individuals ask questions like “what was she wearing” “was she leading him on” or why was she there in the first place”. The reality is that a female should be able to wear whatever she choses without men thinking that they are entitled to her body.

But to get back to what I was saying, there is no excuse for this; the NFL did a horrible job handling this situation and I believe they were only thinking about the money they would lose. I just have to wonder when we as a society will start respecting our women and treating them how they deserve to be treated. Okay I am done with my rant, I just had to get that out.


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