When the weak grow strong

Hands tied and feet planted

It seems I tend to rewind

Past moments I took for granted

Praying out to God, wondering if I’ll find my path

Pursue money or a passion

My mind is split between half.

Similar to spirit and flesh.

If money is the key to happiness
I must have missed the door,

And sure, my the numbers on

A check can increase

But what about my sanity

Money trees aren’t always planted by peace.

Feeling at a lost for words

Anxiety building up

So I write to purge;

On the verge, of a life defining moment.

Cul de sac of sacrifices

Encircle my drive

Sure life is a gift, sure I’m grateful to be alive.

But….. am I living or just existing

I feel it’s the second
If I don’t follow my mission.

Am I missing my purpose

Purposely burying true feelings

Underneath a shallow surface.

I want to be a change

I want to situation of our society to change.

If not I then who else can I blame

I apologize for my rant,

People say take it one day at a time
But for some reason I can’t

That’s enough venting for now

I guess I go back out into the world

And put on a smile.

Although it may not be genuine

I refuse to let my fears settle in

I know there has to be a light

So why everyone prays for money

I’ll ask God to restore my sight


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