Dreams that rest between life and death

Someone tell me how great my life is

As I lay in the arms of darkness, lifeless.

Personal personification

Persuaded in forms of ventilation,

The vehicle of retaliation.

Drowning out nostalgia by

Creating here, and now;

Nothing ever ends as it seems

But somehow I managed
To become employed by my dreams.

The paper does not have the same touch I once felt.

Losing its zeal,

Each day is a task to feel
Thoughts like the rest.

Speaking of its terms,

Bringing it up in conversation

Just to feel connected.

Any dream is only spoken of

As imaginary; seen but never heard, and

Nightly we reach the verge then

Veer off into tomorrow

And forget what we saw,

Mute what we heard,

Reject what we felt,

Throw out what we digested.

Dreams break in two between two,

Only half of these desires
Will pair in two.

Too afraid to live with the strange,

We allow this to hang

In the balance of a norm
We don’t believe in.

A face we fear to see,
Die to dreams today;

Just to stay awake

Enough time to ponder the food for
Thought on this plate.


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