Until forever

While shrinking back in fear may seem like the best option optimism takes place, pushing forward with an unseen force. Frustration and confusion seem to be the only feelings that surround me; surrounded by many yet alone to figure out this path and where it leads. These words are powerful, potent enough to pinpoint that center piece of perseverance. The past of a poet searching out paths that are off limits to most. Somewhere between dreams and reality I catch myself falling through spaces that stimulate growth. We’ve all crossed from peaceful pastures to crossroads, conquered the unknown while sharing with another to spark inspiration. This is just another crack we stumble upon, faltering, even failing at times; however we push limits into submission.A Mission was given at birth so now we hold heads high despite being brought low. Despite not knowing, tomorrow gives hope of what can be conceived. Pray, work, believe then leave better than you arrived.

-Until forever-


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