Nightly dose of honesty

This is  another one of those nights aimlessly wondering through thoughts coming in at 100 miles per hour. It’s 2 AM and yet my mind won’t relax, not even for a second. There is so much that I want out of life and the thought of falling short of my expectations rattles my peace of mind. Looking at so many of my coworkers who literally hate coming in to work scares me to death; just seeing this in general puts fear in me.I often wonder if I will ever have the opportunity to do something that really matters to me.

As I write this the words flow out faster than I can jot them all down, I guess you can say this is my venting moment. What feels like a break down is actually a build up of emotions, unanswered questions, and pride. I will admit that there are some days when the thoughts become so heavy that I want to quit. At times this seems easier than shooting at goals I may never hit. I sadly admit that I honestly think life would be a bit easier if I didn’t set such a high standard for myself. You know just sail on the ship of mediocrity with the rest of the world.

This would be the easy way out but I have too much to lose to crawl into a corner and let my dreams die while creating them for someone else. The fact is I know I’ve been strategically placed here for a reason. I know that this burning desire in my soul to be a light in the life of others is not something to be taken lightly.

I never thought that writing would bring so much joy to my life; to be honest poetry began as a hobby, something to help pass the time. Fast forward five years later and it has become my passion. I just pray that my passion for words and life in general will manifest into something meaningful that will inspire others. God bless


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