Taking off the shades

Escaping from that detrimental thing which is my mind

Leaving behind trails of forgotten sentiments,

Traces of the big picture.

Nothing brighter than searching

Through the blackness of night and finding self.

Self secluded behind thoughts

Of one way grief.

You know the way feelings

Arise out of pitiful parties

Plastered with flickering lights.

Sadly I grew to realize that

These began to be places I liked.

Sitting, watching, soaking;

Sorrow displayed on morning

Routines that won’t matter.

Why is this pleasant?

Premeditated self inflicted wounds

That wound even innocent bystanders

Patiently waiting for a fair diagnosis.

Only one who knows this,

God sees hidden sorrow

Being burried by hidden gems

But don’t cry for me;

Applaud to the fact that i’ve

Seen what sorrow looked like

That I’ve come from torn

Clothes camouflaged in society’s regime

I mean my mistakes are pilled high

Yet low enough to be forgiven.

Scoffed at by the audience.

Just know I’ve went through,

Seen fear ahead and went to

To and fro until pride is all

I had left to let go.

Letting go,

There goes the hesitation

There goes caution

Costing moments never to be earned

But this interest of worth

Weighed in with love is richer than silver and gold.

Weakness aside, desires tied.

Looking out through my windows

Sounding as peace in each glimpse.


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