Leftover love

What has this heart become?

Where has this beat gone?

Jaded from repetition of a similar beat.

Twisted and contorted,

Too comfortable with normal love.

Lying in pools of blood

That have been spilled over many tears.

The same ones that used to pierce through

Now shoot arrows of irritation;

Lying next to for comfort,

The plight of the comfortable.

Love is strong, powerful enough

To hold the heads which fall low.

Carrying burdens across burning bridges.

But this heart smiles as she drowns.

Watching the fires burn,

This heart will only pick up

The gold out of the rubble.

Hurting, yet not enough to beat,

Not enough to meet at the beginning

Of each day or kiss goodnight.

A fight may occur

But as the rhythms play their notes

While passing through

This heart will pump out

leftover love from last night.

Pouring into empty lakes, and creeks,

Leaving the ocean it learned how to swim in empty.


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