Questionable lies

What if this was a lie,
What if I didnt believe
What was placed in the forefront,
What if feelings didn’t actually run off my sleeves.
Or what if I told you that sometimes
I’m scared to leave,
Not as innocent as I was last year;
The skin is tough though
Hard to break
Still I haven’t cried my last tear.
Haven’t suffered my final lost
Or executed my final victory.
Pieces of mind wander through the evening.
Burned within, where does truth rest?

What if the portrait we portray
Ourselves with was tainted,
Slightly tempted to fall
In the wake of lies, die silent
War of self and soul.
What if last night’s battle was only the beginning
Softly drawing regrets.
False promises of the work
Sometimes work wonders in
Hail storms of confusion.
Fiery debates, scornful hate.
Screeching voices driving protests
To its very own protagonists.

Lies redeemed in focal points
Of multicolored tubes,
Who’s voice do I hold
Who gazes on my mold
Uninformed to conformity;
Last night happen,
Morning mourned of regret.
Lined with too many tears for one man to count.
The room I slelt in now spins
In circles of lies
And half truths.
Unstable pavement
They paved us out with.

Tonight is just another candle in the window,
Loud voices, quiet smiles.
As the snipers behind the cameras
Pick off the gullible;
Running out of stories
We’ll just glorify
Another craze, share trends
For tonight.
Half truths spilled over into the
Morning after.
The greatest production in time
Inclined to keep wolves covered;
Don’t ask questions
Concealed mouths and
Tainted waters for these thirsty souls.
Is your mind weary?
No need to worry, the commercials
Will soon end, and you can return to
Your reality.

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