S.H.E PT.2(Safe hearts entered)

Heavy as hearts may allow
She takes her plight
Then softly takes her bow.
Face towards the crowd as she
Retains tears,
Objectified for years
Slightly indifferent of choices,
Battling with self between voices.
Voices of laughter, voices of pain.
The voice that called for help
As self worth was slain.
Two had partaken;
But only one felt slightly
Drawn in by satan.
Tracing in circles of blame,
In the driver’s seat with no passengers;
Passing routes of passion
Further along.
Believing that the streets could no longer be paved in gold,
As temptations grew and desires
Began to unfold.
But wait, love still exists beyond the
Tainted mist;
Never abide by the voices stating
That salvation should be kissed
Goodbye with lips of lust.
Blame can not be held
For HE molded you with grace,
And virtue, although many
May hurt you
Use deceit, trampling over hearts
Playing on repeat.
Know that inside you were crafted.
A queen,
never lose this sight.
Never give the enemy the satisfaction
Of victory, be that queen
You were made.
Sorrow no longer
The men that mistreat;
Make room for the actual men who are
Than lust, sex, and objectification.
Your footsteps bring you closer
Than the world’s manipulation.


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