How comfortable are you?

One of my biggest fears(next to not making it to Heaven) is living and dying without doing something that I’m truly passionate about in between. Writing is my first passion and I do that daily, what I mean is not having a career I truly enjoy. The older I get the more frightening the thought gets of working a 9-5 I’m indifferent about. Sure it may be comfortable to work a stable job with good benefits for twenty years or so then retire. The thing is I wasn’t put on this earth to be “comfortable”; and if I’m going to stay on the 9-5 route it has to be something I actually care about. As I said writing will always be my passion and I will continue to pursue it. In the meantime this burden of going through the motions just to be “comfortable” has to end.


6 thoughts on “How comfortable are you?

  1. I literally have the same fear. I wrote a post a while ago called Setting Sights on my Future Career and although it was meant to label what I want to do as a professional, I wrote it because I’m terrified. What if I don’t get the job I want? Or what happens when I haven’t prepared myself well enough for the interview? I don’t know what will happen, but at least I have a plan right? Who knows.
    Either way, it’s completely normal to fear these things! (I hope) 🙂

    -Mykul Mitch

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