A forgotten gem

Pressure preserved these diamonds ,
At least that’s how I remember it,
I still see late nights that paved
Ways for early mornings.
Everything moved in slow motion,
Or maybe the hands on the clock
Were broken.

Not even one day played a familiar rhythm,
But we marched to the same pattern
Books we abided by,
Hanging on just threads of insanity
Sent rushes through the bloodstream.
Too anxious to escape,
Now I ironically dream;
Of a return, a redo.

A conversation sparks a memory
A forgotten gem
Lost in pages of knowledge,
Scoffed at once, I now reach for.
Only to find a paper slip every two weeks.
Where were we?
How did we get so lost?
Laughs jog my memory
And regret shakes me out of my sleep.

Classes of endless debates
Reckless nights of jabs
Between acquaintances turned friends.
The story which never ends.
On quiet nights we wish to press reset
And begin… again.


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