Voices of abandoned buildings

Meet him in tomorrow
Allow him to borrow your sorrow
Look at it through pure eyes,
Lend him your ears, look at the view from here.
Cast away your skeletons,
Scale off the shadow;
Swim in deeper oceans
Because this stream is too shallow.

Show faith
Unmask the masquerade
Allow tides to wade.
Up here where feelings fade,
To burn bright,
Light, light being what we search for in
Twisted paths paired with day dreams.
Sleeping on the unstable mattress
Of greed
We are what we feed, we are what we feed.

Watch what you bleed,
Watch what the eyes can’t see
Blinded to what the mind won’t conceive
Where souls don’t touch, hanging
Lifeless on dying trees,
But you cant feel the nails while building empty rooms in abandoned buildings.
Unable to feel these footsteps,
Blind eyes move forward
Seventy times seven before they yield.

Heavy hands become anxious and throw stones,
Hide behind fingers pointed to misguidance,
What is this we’ve built.
Pebbles turned to rocks,
Rocks to stones
Stones to boulders
Until it becomes too heavy to carry.

Meet him tomorrow, lend your sorrow
Set sights on comfortable thorns
Hang crosses from hearts;
Otherwise it becomes too heavy for the neck.
This is too heavy for human flesh,
Too simple for the mind
Lend your weight forever,
Forever carrying a cross
Not too many will bear.


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