In the hands of the idle

Idle minds will continue swimming
In pools they’ll later drown in
And become submerged underneath
Sharp teeth,
unable to catch breath,
Most die before lifeboats become a necessity
Waters that swallow with one hand, and
trap with two,
Bypass the sweet talk on bitter lips,
Appetite to satisfy
Not the abyss,
but close in proximity,
That angel on the shoulder sounds
repeating apologies until infinity,
Sad violins for the tone deaf.
All around in pools that become oceans,
Wave goodbye to resting a shore
Lay lifeless, or swim against tides
Notions that this feat belongs to
Common man.
That the darkness
Is only the result of summer tans,
Plans to cease,
planting in gardens of
Forbidden seeds.
This is something you could drown in,
Watch from below, the ocean your lifeless body will be found in.
Keep swimming,
slayed by their grinning,
As they sashay across burning sands
Wearing this badge as a pendant.
Conqured, flesh over faith,
Sweetened berries make for bitter taste.
Engulfed in fine sheets which cover
A plethora of good intentions
That were never birthed.
Inside of the palm of idle hands,
Watch carefully, the sweet words
May swallow those good deeds,
While you mourn alone in forsaken fields
They waive their flag,
persuading crowds for applause, as they do their dance.


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