Beat by beat

Mind numbing consumption before one can tastefully develop a gag reflex,
Regurgitate every image we’ve ever been fed.
Lead to the assembly lines, in line for whatever piece of paper we’re promised.

Too afraid to walk anywhere near
The empty lot,
Not when it’s safer to sit in
Parking lots; on break from any form
Of free thinking thought, what a thought.

We all bought it in exchange for safety,
Still these nets catch us only
To keep us trapped.
Speak about fleeing, and visions of seeing something different.
Difference is we walk along the same paths; tiptoe on the ceiling of glass.
Careful not to break through,
Not to draw any attention or attempt
To have relief on a early Monday morning.

Afraid that the alarm clock may go off,
Afraid of having to answer the why;
Instead we’d rather rationalize why.
Over, and over drum by drum.
The pounding rests closer to our pillows, farther from power.


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