In a spur of a moment, as quickly as you had given up,one light shines through your dim path, sun rays through your tinted windows. Something that had been waiting patiently to be discovered, and had gone unnoticed far too long. This one light becomes the central center piece; second to God, and above all other tasks. That one light shines through every other dark path you walked down.

You pour heart, soul, minutes, hours into this, illuminated by the one God. All else rests in the shadows of four distant corners, this is what you stand in.
This is what purpose the maker assigned to you, unable to sleep, eat, or keep peace without it. All else fall short to it’s brightness, fashioned in his likeness, not for it to become your God but that God may shine through it. Then shine it on others, for it light is never made to be hidden. Through bleak corners, and lonely corridors, and all lost paths alike.

This light was given as a gift, protect it as such. Yes you have found that path, the purpose beyond daily routines, and living for the weekend. Let this shine through in many lives.

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