Writing exercise (just jotting down whatever comes to mind)

I decided to take a break from my traditional writing for a moment and have some fun. I just started jotting whatever came to mind, and this is what came out.

Thank you God for this gift
I pray my spirit and flesh split,
As it was meant from beginning
God’s child depending
On seeds planted,
Hands supinated asking for blessings
Or just signs; maybe one sign.
Stars and dreams aligned.
Digging through my mind
For gold in this mine.
Something a bit bigger than this nine to five.
Something better than an assembly line
Assembling minds to confine.
All sit at the same table and dine,
Leftovers from mass media,
Never remembering what was digested at the last supper.
Outside noise, coupled with distractions. Warm intentions but cold in action,
Strive to be equally equipped with knowledge.
But only seem to reach a fraction.
Divided between blue skies and red dirt.
Dressing for cleanliness or temptations
In red skirts.
Silenced by crooked smirks.
All written in my notebook
Nightly, daily, weekly.
Some show points to showcase,
I put the point down to point
Closer to sanity.
Farther from vanity than extended family.
Extended to you and yours
And prayerfully generations;
To generate poetic progress.
Just during the process.
Leading lives to where I once resided.
Society’s streets paved one way.
One way to depart
Parted with two directions.


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