Placement of a masterpiece

Broken down to build the timeless,
Barriers which formerly stayed in place
Become pillars of freedom.
success untouched by tainted hands.

A masterpiece unaware of true value,
Made from scraps of dismantled pieces
Held together under tension unseen.
Drowning in pools of doubt.
Somehow out of the pit they rise.

Scratched, beaten beyond the familiar.
The hands on the clock have been
Twisted, contorted, tied
Behind back to bend where flexibility
Had been non-existent.

Suicide in the slightest of sorts,
No scratches but those internal;
The killing of the old self.
Burry the evidence, and praise at
The funeral for the new man.

The rebirth of inspiration,
Inspired by new breaths
But taken in slowly.
Savoring every burst of air.
A new point to direct words with,
Never again to become dull.
The destruction for the new and solid.


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