Cold city


Let hearts turn cold and turn corners

Burn bridges without the warning

Let this fire ignite infinite flames.

Emotions that roll off sleves;

Rolled in words only stated to make believe.

Wrapped in a sincere smirk,

The clearest form of an act.

Actually holding feelings until they die down.

Look how the fire burns now,

Look how the fire burns.

False claims of imperfection,

A slight pass, a new lesson for the

Lesser lovers.

Jaded eyes to stary skies reflected from the moonlight.

Stay frozen even in the warmest climate,
A winner to self only.

Watch the fires burn, watch the trees die,

And blame the numbness, the day to day playback.

Let it all burn to the ground,

And try to build back up when nobody is around.

Quiet also, making no sounds.

Watch this tree burn, watch it burn down.


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