Shots were fired, sirens rang, bodies fell, and lives faded.

cars rushed, tears poured

respects paid, acquaintances prayed, and

promises were made, only some were

Peers introduced to black,

While stories were cut short and read to heal the wounds.

Tomorrow as today, all in the same

The theme renamed; some were shocked

others expected, yesterdays tears

turned into today’s laughs, lives

forgotten until distant shots rang.

City streets busy with pedestrians

Deaf to the outside as vehicles screech while silence screams.

And today more tears were counted all in 360.

Violence has seemed to become the norm in our world today, and many of us, myself included have become numb to it. The numbers seem to skyrocket at such a rapid rate we lose count and any feelings towards it. I’m sure many of you have noticed the attention Chicago usually gets from media for the crime committed in the city. Lets not forget while the lives lost in this city are just as important as any other that violence and atrocities are committed worldwide on a daily basis. Any form of change is positive even if it’s just in your community; let’s refrain from becoming so numb to violence that we no longer stand against, and speak out about it.

3 thoughts on “360

  1. Actually, it is the reporting of incidents in a wired in, Internet fed world that has increased, as well as the perception that it has increased. Actual violence, over-all, has decreased as every statistical study has proven. Sadly, it has decreased less slowly and less overall then say, Europe, but even in the US, there is progress. Moreover, since the 70s, the world has seen the establishment of the rights for (and decrease in the violence against) women, children, gays and animals.

    But not to rain on your parade too much…any violence is still wrong and even one senseless and needless death is too much. We may have come far but have further yet to go.

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