What did you come for?


This morning as I awoke, and began my habitual routine before work my mind was bombarded by troublesome thoughts. For years I have sought out contentment in many things that are only temporary. For instance while attending college I wish, hope, prayed for a car that it became the only thing I focused on; I believed that after obtaining one I would be content. I waited years to graduate college to begin what I thought would be the beginning of a new life, and an end to my financial troubles, wrong again. Lastly I obsessed with the idea of having a 9-5 to to everyday; while I am content with my job I can’t help but lose sleep over the fact that I have so much more to accomplish. Something more to gain than what I’ve already achieved.

It seems like the more we reach for something the quicker it loses it’s appeal after we get it. I believe this is due to the fact that we fail to enjoy the “journey”. We are often so caught up in the reward at the end that we become blinded to the joys of working towards it.Yes money runs our society but should we let it run us, and become our motivation for everything? Many of us strive to work in that big office building, or make plenty of money. But the question to you is what’s more important, the money itself pursuing our passions? And do you believe it’s possible to pursue both?


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